Stephen Krans

          I was determined to be successful in life.   
I am Stephen Krans, I was born and grew up in Nigeria. I am a currently a student at Stenden University of Applied Science Leeuwarden the Netherlands, and I was determined to be a successful someone in life.  My experience motivates me for the future because I refuse to be a beggar and I wanted to be a good example for the society. I can write millions of words about myself. I have so much confidence in myself that provided I have me, I leave so mush in fear of uncertainty. I believe I would be able to achieve anything humanly possible. The confidence I have in myself, makes me believe the greatest real asset I have is myself and that whatever I need, I should diligently work for it. From day one, I never believed something will influence being what I wanted to be more than myself, not even family, nor religion, nor tribe, nor environment nor any certificates. I am, in all cases, driven by the facts. I asked more questions than I have answers for, I am always for the why and the how. My decisions have never been driven by emotions or sentiments, it is always driven by reasons and facts. I categorize myself as someone with high degree of emotional stability. I never push blames on anyone or anything on my successes or failures, I always look inwards, within myself for reasons, which, in all cases, I find it right there.
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Many people have overwhelming by the disappointments and hurt. I will tell you that disappointment is the gap that exists between our expectation and reality. If you want your dream to be fulfilled, you can’t over look those gaps. For instance, when something goes wrong, we say, “I’ll never do that again” what a mistake, especially when it comes to our dreams! Do you know that failure is the price we must pay to achieve those dreams?
In 2013 I started computer training /computer engineering workshop in Nigeria, I name it Krans Computer Training. Within view months my training school was so popular, I started with just five students with five computers. Within two months I had more than 20 students who wanted to enrol. There is no enough space and computers, electricity is one of the major obstacles that kill dreams, motivation and hope. My goal behind this idea is to help the youth in Africa and by taking them off from the street, in the country where I grew up Nigeria it’s difficult for the young people to think for themselves because of the way the government organized the society. The environment where rich people get richer and poor people get poorer, it was so pathetic.  Most youth that is able to finish the secondary school, but waited for so long for the result to come out. Among 60% of students who passed the West African examination to proceed to university.

Unfortunately, most parents can’t afford to pay their school fees. In the process of waiting for their West African examination result, I used those periods to teach them how to use a computer and repaired computer. In computer studies session, we call it desktop publishing. I teach them basic of computer and on how to use Corel Draw to create any poster and flyers and I used an application called typing tutor that taught the student how to use computer keyboard accurately and efficiently. The most important are the used of Microsoft application. Etc. Computer engineering is more complicated than desktop publishing because it’s involved mostly in practical than theory. Computer engineering student will enable to list all the part of a computer and their function both hardware and software. For example, Motherboard, and all its component like IDE controller port, SATA Port, all types of Memory cards both laptops and desktop computers, ATX connections, Data cables, IDE and SATA connector, Reinstall and uninstall operating systems. Etc.
To my greatest surprise, most of this youth are so talented and gifted. We build hope together not alone. Hope is the motivation that empowers the youth, enable them to get out from the bed every single morning with unbounded enthusiasm as they look for better future. Were are we going from here?